H.R.H. Princess Sylviane of Isangel
Social events












Meeting in Paris with
Patriarch Benoit of Russia

(True Orthodox Churuc of the catacombs)

Vernissage : Chief Tom with the Princess and her artworks


TV interview with Chef Tom

Anual Gala 2012
of the Royal House of Tanna

with Patriarche Nicolas of the Orthodox Church Europe
and President Natuman

reception in the Holy Order of Patriarch Nicolas  from His Holiness' hands

with the honour guests :
Chief Tom Chef, Customary chief of Tanna
and President of Forcona (left)
and (right) the Honorable President Natuman
President of the Provincial Gouvernement ruling Tanna

Awarded of the Golden Eagle of the
Ordine Equites Almagestorum

Cannes Festival 2011

Lors des cérémonies à la mémoire de SAI l'archiduc Otto de Habsbourg à Innsbruck

with HIH archiduke Karl von Habsbourg and the governer

Reception in the Ordo Ladislai Sancti in Sümeg (Hongary)

Arrivée en landau au lieu de la cérémonie avec Mgr Tempfli / Avec le Grand-Maître

Reception in the orden der Greif

Reception in the Orden der Ritter von Stern und freundschaft

Visit to the Order of archangel Michael in Lviv (Ukraine)

with the Grand Master, Prince Mikulinsky and the Princess.

Elevation to the Golden Palm in the "Encouragement Public"
The Princess recieves the commander decoration and diploma from President Garcia

Meeting with
His Holyness Pope Shenouda
of the Orthodox Copt Church of Alexandria

Reception in Ordo Militaris Teutonicus


During Komturei South-Tyrol's gala of the Cordon Bleu du Saint Esprit (nov 2009) The Princess recieves the cross off the hands of the Grand Master HE E.M. Bode.

Cannes Film festival 2009
Showroom Christophe Guillarmé (fashion designer) and Sandra Bérété (jewelry Ode St Lys)
interview sur televisionet

à la Terrazza Martini

Royal House of Tanna gala 2009

La Princesse et Sa Béatitude le métropolite Nicolas

Art master's exhibition at Monaco's National Museum


The Princess with Botero at  the opening 18/12/2008 (Villa Sauber)

Royal House of Tanna Gala 2008

After the Royal House of Tanna's Chapter, the Order of Christ Saviour held a short chaper and the Grand Master, Grand Duke Vitalyi Hak enthroned the Princess of Isangel Duchess of the Order.

After the chivlaric investitures, a civil reward was still expecting the Princess, relating to her artistc activities. H.E. Jean-Philippe Sécordel-Martin, representant of the  Société d'Encouragement aux Arts et Lettres, stating it was rewarding her artwork ans her devotion to the promotion of Art as well awarded her the Gold medal, prestigious award that has been given to Jean Cocteau, André Maurois, Paul-Loup Sulitzer, and lots of other art personalities...

The Royal House of Tanna Honor Guest of the Sovereign Order of the Christ Salviour in Ukraine

During the ceremony where was officially appointed the new Grand Master HH Grand Duke Vitaliy Hak, he awarded  HM and HRH with the highest grades of the order:

For this occasion the order organized
The "Grand Chivalrous Ball"

Viareggio, October 10, 2007:
Grand meeting of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (Obedience of Malta) at the Priory of Italy


HRH Princess Sylviane of Isangel recieving the Priory of Italy golden medal from HSH prince Vittorio Gallopini, President of the order



San Remo May 19, 2007: Annual Gala of the Royal House of Tanna

Reception of the Princess of Isangel in the Apostolic Order of  Michaël Archangel by Edward Lochitsky

The Grand commanders of the order of the palms of arts, letters and sciences of the Royal House of Tanna created the same day by His majesty: Marquis Roland Vervaet-Lachappelle de Tell, Chancelor and the Princess.

Palm of Vermeil of the Encouragement Publique for H.R.S.H. Princess of Isangel

The  ENCOURAGEMENT PUBLIQUE,  French institution of social mutual aid founded by Charles Cuny in 1932, published in the JO and authorized by prefectoral decree, decreed on March 20, 2007 the diploma of honor of the vermeil palm to the Princess for devotion  to the social works and Arts and Lettres

click on picture to enlarge

Left picture (the committee, HM Claude-Philippe de Tanna, HRH Sylviane d'Isangel, and their sponsor Marquis de Champagnac) with the kind authorization of photograph Manuel Guillin (www.alternance-photographie.com)

Investiture of H.RH Princess of Isangel in the Order  del Camino de Santigo (de Compostela)

The week-end of July 22nd Santiago de Compostela was celebrating several events: the annual pilgrins celebrations were taking place around the cathedral and the "Orden del Camino de Santiago" was holding his Xth chapter, opened at the Melide halltown by the Mayor, Senator Pampin Rua, Great Master of the Order. Then the Region's President, with HM Claude-Philippe Ist of  Tanna and HRH Princess of Isangel revealed the stele holding the names and number of the new qui porte les noms et numéro des nouveaux elected members, and the Princess was one of them... Each new Knights and Dames planted his tree along the pilgrin way on which the whole group walked together 1 km. Before lunch, the paving stones stars have been inaugurated on a place in  Melide town, in honor to two spanish personalities.
In the evening the investiture took place in the San Domingos de Banaval church at St jacques de Compostelle, followed by a reception by the Santiago de Compostela's Mayor at the town hall, and afterwards, a concert by the symphonic orchestra of Melide at the hostal de los Reis Catolicos where the gala dinner was taking place

larger press review (in spanish)

Order Cordon Bleu du Saint Esprit

The order, that is based in Germany, in the hotel owned by HE le Grand Maître, Whilem Jalowicki, tholds every year his main  gathering in theoccasion of the Pentecote holy days. From June 3rd ato 5th, 2006, HM Claude-Philippe de Tanna and H.R.H Princesse of Isangel was assisting to the chapter taking place in the Saint Blazien Cathedral. In the occasion the Princess received a new " Groβkreuz-Ritterdame" diploma from His Excellency the great master.

Above, part of the attendance at the investiture ceremony in the Saint Blazien's Cathedral , on the first rank HM Claude Philippe de Tanna et H.R.H Princess of Isangel.

Left frame: on the left, HE the Great Master Whilem Jalowicki officiating and on the right with the Princess..

His Majesty and the princess surrounded by representants of
 the Order of Archangel Michaël in Kiev

At the Royal House of Tanna annual Gala

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