H.R.H Princess
Sylviane of Isangel












  • Titles from the Royal House of Tanna with the style of Royal Highness:  Princess of Isangel, Princess of Ipak, Princess of Tanna

  • Princess of Poltava, Title conceeded by SARI Hugo Cabrera de Rurikovich (Royal, Imperial, Grand Princely and Grand Ducal House of Rurikovich)

  • Duchess of Hadriannys, Title from Imperial and Ducal House of Athenas conceded with the style of Serene Highness

  • Duchess of the Sovereign Order of the Christ Saviour (Ukraine)

  • Hereditary Knight of l'Ordine Militare e Ospedaliere di Santa Elizabet de Hesse della Rocca



  • International President of the Institute of Arts, Sciences and Lettres of the Royal House of Tanna

  • Dames' President for  Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Tanna


  • Dynastic Order of Pélican: Grand Collar of Justice

  • Souverein Order  of Celtic Templar: Grand Collar of Justice

  • Order of Cordon Bleu du Saint Esprit:: Grand Croix of Justice

  • Dynastic Order of the Crown of Tanna: Grand Cross of Justice

  • Dynastic Order de the Emerald: Grand Cross of Justice

  • Holy Order of Patriarch Nicolas : Grand Cross of Justice (Patriarcat Orthodoxe d'Europe)

  • Sovereign Order of Christ Savior (Ukraine): Grand Cross of Justice

  • Dynastic Order of the palms of the Arts, Letters, ans Sciences of the Royale House of Tanna:
    Grand commander with star

  • Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem - Heriditary order : Dame Commander of Justice

  • Etoile de Commandeur de l'Orden der Ritter von Stern und Freunschaft

  • Order de Saint Michael: Grand Officer of Justice

  • Apostolic Order of Michaël Archangel (Kiev)

  • Palm of vermeil of the Encouragement public

  • Médaille d'Or of the Société d'Encouragement aux Arts et Lettres

  • Dame of the Order Notre-Dame des Martyrs

  • Dame of the orden del Camino de Santiago (de Compostella)

  • Dame's cross with rhinestones of Rittenorder der Greif

  • Dame of l'Ordo Ladislai Sancti

  • Certificate of  Merit for furthering of international peace through cultural development, awarded by the Vice Minister of Defense of Japon, HE Shigeo Ohmae

  • Croce di merito del Sacro Sovrano Ordine Cristiano dei Cavalieri di San Basilio il Grande

  • Diploma of merit from Fondazione Mauriziana (Italy)

  • Croce aurata of the Grand Priory of Italy of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, Malta Obedience

  • Golden Eagle of Ordine Equites Almagestorum


H.R.S.H. Princess of Isangel
H.M. Traditional and de Jure King Claude -Philippe Ist of Tanna (on the right)
 H.RH. Duke Mathieu of Ipak (on the left)


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