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Toys for not naughty adults! Art in shape of a toy ... if you discover this kind of art some explanation might be required. These are decorative art collectibles: The art toys (also known as designer toys, urban vinyl, vinyl toys) may be edited in limited series, or figurine created by designers to be edited, in blank vinyl, to be customized by artists in order to create unique collectible items.

Born out of the street art in Hong Kong in the 90s, this support, where anything is allowed, is gradually gaining the world of contemporary art. The plastic action has no limit: cutting, adding material, graphics, graffiti, collage ... but on the market of collections there are still codes: the price follows an apraisal that combines the ranking of the artist and those of the designer with the format and complexity of work. The boxes are customized too because they are collected with their contents. The designer toys are neither derivate  nor humans or animals, as suggested by the curious names of such DIY figurines like Trexi-oval, munny, etc ...

It is just before the 61st Cannes Film Festival that the Princess of Isangel discovered these charming characters and decides to dress them up with glitter, a design that fits the festival atmosphere but also the technique of expression the Princess was implementing on her canvases.

Under the foot of character as it signs on the canvas "Princess of Isangel" but on the visible part of the toy tag it "HRHPI (for Her Royal Highness Princess of Isangel).

Keep out of the reach of children! (risk of ingesting inedible materials)


Mostly on sale at  MAMATORO 's Shop-Gallery, 35 rue Hoche , CANNES, FRANCE


Chessbama (15 cm)







Pink angel



In private collections

blue angel

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