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The title "frequency" is related to the musical inspiration of the first artwork of this collection (fréquence orangée) which is a digital creation enhanced with smooth add of acrylic hand painting. The others keep the sthenic movement given by the rhythmic inspiration but focuses on the shape and the structure given with acrylic, structuring gel and modeling media, and sparkling or glossy materials...

Available artworks


Fontaine musicale (musical fountain), 2007, 15P ,
mixed media on canvas, 1900€
Prix du journal All Japan art à l'exposition de juin 2008 au musée départemental du Hyogo (Japon)


Frequency on the wall, 2006
1F , mixed media on canvas

Fréquence artifice( Fireworks frequency), 2007,
 acrylic on canvas on paperboard
30x30 + frame, 300€

La lumière de l'Esprit (the light of the Spirit), 2007, 6F,
mixed media on canvas, 800€

Fréquence captive (captive frequency), 2006,
mixed media on canvas, 800€

Fréquence d'été (summer frequency), 6F,
mixed media on canvas, 800€

Partition, 2007, 1F, mixed media on canvas,150€

Ronde des comètes, 2007, 1F, mixed media on canvas,150€


Crêtes de Rubis, 2006, 25F, acrylic on canvas, 3500 €

Nuage d'améthyste (ametyst cloud), 2006, 12P,
acrylic on canvas framed in white floater, 1600 €

Ardence Saphir, 2006, 25F, acrylic on canvas, 3500 €

Aqua Marina, 2006, 30F, acrylic on canvas, 4000€

Atmosphère de la savane,
2006, 30F, acrylic on canvas,4000 €


Fréquence cuivrée, 2006, 40F, mixed media on canvas, 4800€

Fréquence orangée (orange frequency)
20P, acrylic on digital HD print on canvas
framed in white floater, 2100€

Artworks in collections

Private collections

Over the rainbow, 2006
10F , acrylic on canevas
Private collection, Paris (France)
>>>Special Jury Prize, February 2007
 Reuten International exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japon

Crêtes de lumière au centre de la vie, 2006
6F , acrylic on canvas
Private collection (Monaco, Principauté)


Comètes sur Vénus, 2006

acrylic on canevas 2F
Private collection (Paris, France)

Toi et Moi, 2007
1F , acrylic on canevas
Private collection (Monaco, Principauté)

Partition violette, 1F , mix technics on canvas
Private collection (Paris)

Stalagmites, 2007, acrylic on canvas on paperboard
Private collection (London)

Public collections

Abys frequency, 2007
A4, acrylic on canvas paper
Museum of Small Art, Kuala Lumpur - MALAYSIA

Frecuencia rumbera, 2008,20x20,
acrylic on canevas on paperboard
International Miniart Exchange (rotating exhibition)

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