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Initially  the figurative art is a very small part of Princesse's work, she prefers non realistic representation : stylized, phantasmagoric, symbolic ..Her themes are often related to the elements (mostly water an sky) and spirituality (angels, personal growth , chakras, feng-shui...) which can be found through her abstract works too. In 2008 the glitter turns to be her favorite medium in figurative art and she applies this techniques to portraits (personalities and commands)

Œuvres disponibles see also works in private and public collections)


King of the Pop,
30x30, 700€

The Kiss, 100x100, 7000€

Charlot, quadryptic 4x 30x100


Michael, quadryptic 4x 50x50, 10 000€

Mère Theresa de Calcutta
, 100x100, 7000€



Marilyn, 2009, glitter on canvas 100x100, 10 000€


,2008, ink and acrylic on paper, 2x 30x40 framed, 200€


Adam and Eve
 glitter on canevas
30 x 40 cm, 900 €


Fifth season
10F, acrylic on canvas
1500 €
>>>Selected Guest artist art work, February 2007
 Reuten International exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japon

A4, acrylic on canvas paper
150 €

Palais de glace

25F, acrylic on canvas, 2500€

L'appel du large ( sea-off call)
30F, acrylique sur toile, 3000 €

 Ange à l'aube, 2006,
15 x 21
ink and acrylic on canevas paper framed 60€

Les yeux du ciel orange, 2006 21 x 30
encre et acrylique sur papier toilé, encadré, 50€

Artworks in collections

Private collections

Les yeux du soleil couchant, 2006, 19 x 19 cm
ink and acrylic on canevas paper framed

Les yeux du ciel d'azur, 2006, 19 x 19 cm, framed 30 x 30 cm
ink and acrylic on canevas paper

La bénédiction des anges (benediction from the angels), 2006, 10F, acrylique sur toile
Private collection (Ste maxime, 83, France)

Pop-artPortrait of HM Claude-Philippe Ist of Tanna, 2008, 1F
Glitter on canvas
Private collection of His MajestyL


Rayons Christiques, 2009,
 mixed media on canevas on paperboard
(pastel, glitter, gold & mother of pearl powder, acrylic),
 46x38 cm (8F), value 1200€


and there are also personal orders
yes you too can have your glitter portait made !

Public collections

Portrait du peintre Honoré Camos, 2008, 6F
Glitter on canvas

Collection of Honoré Camos Museum at Bargemon,



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