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Available artworks

Terres de Vénus,2008,100x81,mixed media on canvas, 4800€ 


Flocons de rêves (Dreamflake) 2007,
29x19 on framed canevas on paperboard, 200€

Le paon (The peacock), canvas on paperboard, 2007, 50€

La création du Monde (The creation of the World)
80 x 80, acrylic on canvas, 4000 €

"Big bang", 2007
6F, mixed media on canvas, 800€

Cosmos 2007, 2007
40F, mixed media on canvas, 4800€

20x20, canvas on paperboard, 2007


Metal and Earth,  2006
10F , acrylic on canvas, 1500 €

>>>Selected guest artist artwork, February 2007
 Reuten International exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japon

Une vague de vie ( a wave of life)

8F, framed canvas on paperboard, 900 €

Fontaine d'Or, (Gold fountain)
20F, acrylic on canvas, 2400 €


Orage, (thunderstorm)
80 x 80, acrylic on canvas, 3500 €


Art works in collections

private collections

Shambala, 2007
24 x 33 cm, encaustic and acrylic on canvas paper
bruxelles, Belgique

La vache ! , 2007
1F, mixed media on canvas
Private collection (Ajaccio, France)

30x30, framed canvas on paperboard
Private collection (Var, France)

Poussières d'étoiles, (Stars dust) 2007
1F, mixed media on canvas
Private collection (Paris, France)

arabesques  sur Lie"
10F, acrylic on canvas
Private collection (San Remo, Italy)


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