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by Basile Ngangue on radio AGORA FM in"Regard de femmes" of Feb 4, 2007 at 17:40

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Princesse's interview on Televisionet
 Princesse's interview on TVN television

interview on Catalunya Radio inMeddia Aranes during the exhibition at the church-museum of Arties (Valle de Aran - Spain)
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Art toys chez Mamatoro boutique galerie- Cannes -FRANCE
04 97 06 30 40

coming soon:

Past exhibitions and events

Finissage à la Galerie Artlequin - Agay

avec la galeriste et la présence exceptionnelle du Chef Tom de Tanna

du 5 au 18 septembre 2011: salon du Grand Format organisé par le club soroptimist St Raphaël/ Fréjus à la Villa Aurélienne - Fréjus

From December 22nd to January 10th, 2011 - Vielha -Val d'Aran - Province de Llerida - ESPAGNE-Church-Museum of Arties

Miami- US Art Basel kick-off (VIP private reception on invitation only) presentation of Marilyn in a unique art showcase of gold inspired and enhanced art along with gold elements titled "GOLD EMOTION" at one of the most magnificent estates in South Florida to top art collectors, socialites, VIPs and local dignitaries.


The event benefits A Gift for Life, a non profit organization whose purpose is to save lives and give hope to humanity by supporting efforts of medical professionals who find cures for disease.  The foundor, designer Paula Roldos, developped this ONG after her oldest daughter survived leukemia. She put her talent at her cause's service and is joined by several other artists. She met the Princess in Cannes and invited her to exhibit Marilyn at the event under the theme of gold produced by Hope International.

Tessaloniki - GREECE-
Mail art exhibition to benefit the project
"Donate a chance at life II"
for the Hellenic Society of Haematology
du 20 au 28 juin 2010 Exposition de l'IMCF au Musée du Hyogo, KOBE, Japon

Honorary adviser of the IMCF prize with digital artwork printed on aquarelle paper  Fighting the colours



From May 14 to 24 at  Art affair Cannes'2010 in Hotel Carlton's lounge during the Cannes film festival, Marilyn presented on Mamatoro's booth


Visite of Mr Vice Président of Regional  Council, Patrick Mennucci Visit of Mr Michel Desforges

From may 1st to 10th at Neptune Louge in  Port St Jean-Cap-Ferrat:
3rd salon des Artistes Contemporains de la Côte d'Azur
by Société d'Encouragement aux Arts et Lettres


Honor diploma for the artwork
Terres de Vénus


from may 5th to 16th, 2009
Deuxième Salon du Grand Format

at "Espace municipal et culturel",
Place deï Fifraïre, Port FREJUS.
Organised by Soroptimist Club
of St Raphaël- Fréjus

from June 10th to 14
Kobe (Japon)
Mayor Prize for the glitter portrait (B&W)  Koroho Master

from march 25 to april 23, 2009:
Centro Cultural Acasolo

 de la Escuela de arquitectura de la Universidad Autónima
 Nuevo León-Monterrey,

from March 3 to 31, 2009 :
Art organization "Ambre International" features an exhibtion of HRH Princess of Isangel at "Terrasses d'Antipolis"

May 16th, 2009 San Remo
Private exhibition of small format 
at hôtel Londra

1st Loboyos festival

opening on October 23th at 19:00
exhibition until November 2008
Galerie d'art La Terraza
Pitalito Huila

Camos Museum of Bargemon
September 13 to October  6, 2008
Musée H Camos, Place St Etienne

Visitors at the opening, Mr Daniel Delafontaine, director of cultural affairs for the town community, Mrs Burger, curator.

The Mayor congratulates the Princess for the portrait of late painter Honoré Camos  to whom the museum is dedicated. Princess's artwork will join the museum collection. 

Opening party: cocktail outside

With the artist JP Moya


Next to the Princess, Mr Daniel Delafontaine, Mr and Mrs Galland, HM King Claude-Philippe of Tanna

National Memorial Hall  -

July 15 to 20, 2008

Prize for International Art Contribution

IGNIS/FOC 5a biennal internacional d'art gràfic
june 21 - july 13, 2008
Pavello Firal
Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Hyogo prefectural art museum -JAPAN
June 4 to 8, 2008


Award from
"The all Japan arts" newspaper :

Galeria Xico Stockinger - BRAZIL "International Miniart Exchange" From may 8 to June 29, 2008
House of Culture Mario Quitana
Porto Alegre , RS (BRAZIL)

Opening on may 8 from 7 pm
 Xico Stockinger Gallery

Reial Cercle Artistic - Barcelone - ESPAGNE
exhibition from april 3 to 15, 2008

The Princesse in her exhibition room:
1er rang : Marquise Vervaet Lachappelle de Tell, HRH Princess of Isangel, Vice-Président Josep Felix Bentz
2e rang : Marquis Vervaet Lachappelle de Telle, Mrs Bentz, HM Claude-Philippe Ist,  Professor Bofill
3e rang :   Schengen Peace Foundation's President Mr Dominicus H Rohde and architect Gerd Fuchs

Delivery ot the artwork Ditpyque orchidées to the Reial Cercle Artistic received by Vice-Président Josep Felix Bentz


Naestved International Exhibition of Contemporary mini square prints - DANEMARK : 29 Mars-20Avril 2008
Roennebaeksholm Art & Cultur Centre

voir les oeuvres présentées sur le site de l'organisateur

Exhibition of the artworks december 6 and 7
charity auction on  décember 7th at 6pm

9e Dia del Arte Correo (artists stamps)- Buenos aires - Argentine:
opening on dec 5th at Barraca Vorticista.


Lions of Draguignan Gala:

Donation of an artwork in favour of Enfance et Santé for children ill with cancer.

"Professionnal artists exhibit 2007 artworks format A4" organised by Maison des Artistes : november 18th

Espace d'animations des Blancs Manteaux
48,rue Vieille  du Temple  75004 Paris

in the Marais, center of Paris


Museum of Small Art - Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia

After the exhibition from Sept 15 to nov 15, 2007 at Gemarimba Art Gallery, Commercial gallery - Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur thiese artworks will remain in the found of the museum

"Pink echo", simgle print on glossy paper

"Abys Frequency", acrylic on canvas paper


"Snap to Grid" - Los Angeles - California - USA
from sept 13 to oct 4, 2007
LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art)
107 West fifth street - Los Angeles - CA 90013

"night invader" epson print on art paper legal size

"la nature dans tous ses états" at Galerie Jardin- PARIS (Nature in all its conditions)from July 4th to august 31st, 2007
18 rue de Gergovie - PARIS XIV

The Princess and Pablo Garcia

Tourrettes sur Loup (06- France)
from august 13  to 26, 2007  Castel - Town Hall 's exhibition room

photo du vernissage, de G à D: la Princesse d'Isangel, une tourrettane, l'adjoint à la culture M. Culioli, le chef d'orchestre Henri Albert, SM Claude-Philippe de Tanna, le Professeur et Madame Estève de Bessse

Barcelone - Espagne : Galerie Esart
 July 12 to 26,2007
- Japon-Europe Exhibition

PRIZE: Gold Cup with a chrysanthemum emblem, awarded by the Japanese representant & Honor Diploma - Medal of "Art i Color"


In Esart Gallery, in front of the France representative artists (Princesse of Isangel and Eliette Pons).
from left to right: HM Claude-Philippe de Tanna, Princesse oh Isangel, Mr Masashi Yokoyama, from Kokusai Bijutsu shingikai, M. Josep-Felix Bentz, Museum Abello Director and Vice chairman nof the Reial Cercle Artistic, Mr J Jové, gallery director

Grand Cordon d'Or de la Cuisine Française:

Design of the 2007 theme illustrating menus, invitations, tickets, etc...and usually the commemorative plate.

St Laurent du Var - Alpes Maritimes - France  9 au 14 Juillet 2007

Festival of Arts and 2nd Prize of the Royal House of Tanna (out of competition)



Kobé -Japon Hyogo Prefecture  Museum
International Art Exchange June 20-24, 2007
Exhibition Kobe 2007.

awarded of the Governor Prize

San Remo - Italy
Grand Hotel de Londres
May 19-20, 2007
St Jean Cap Ferrat - Alpes Maritimes -France
from May 8 to 17, 2007
"Salon des Artistes Contemporains de Provence Côte d'Azur" organised by par "l'Association des Beaux-Arts de la Côte d'Azur"
Contemporary Art Trading Fair - Paris - Espace Charenton
from March 22 to 25 Mars 2007

Personal Exhibition in Cannes from february 22nd to March 6
Opening night on February 27, 2007

TOKYO (Japon)
Selected guest artist at
the Reuten Art Exhibition:
jan 31 to feb 5, 2007
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum

This artwork "Over the Rain bow" has been awarded the
Jury  Special Prize,
with the following trophy

Other selected art works:

Lots of visitors on the opening night, among who :
pict 1: surrounding Princess of Isangel, Their Serene Highness Prince and Princess Bouillet-Simonetti di Jesi,  and Countess Casula. Jacques Ristori de la Riventosa (pict 2), movie productor palme d'or 1981,  Me Vervaet (pict 3), International Lawer, member of the  comité monégasque de l'Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques de l'UNESCO and his wife; Béatrice Lugosi-Triki (pict 3), conceptor of the personal grewth method called astrothéâtre© whose leaflet Princess  illustred, Marian Popa (pict 4), musician, Cristina Marques (pict5), sculptor, and behind  François-Georges Huot de Bussières, Productor, Basile Ngangue,¨President of the Panafricain Film Festival , Yvette Paris, animals and icone paintor, Daniel Bernard, painter member of the AIAP-UNESCO monaco comitee, writer, best young wine waiter of France... Surrounding the Princess, the 109's artists (pict 6) : from left to right: Fanny Balzamo, Rolande Ropars,Fiora Trembovicz,  Dominique Johansen.

Le Bleu (blue color) at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
dec 2, 2006 - feb 22, 2007

All about the blue color at the business center in the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport. On the left, the Princess nets to the artwork she exhibited. On the right the group picture with artists and organizers:  on the right, Princess of Isangel, in the middle Slobodan, who is the invited artist, surrounded by Martine Sarfati (the event communication agent and her assistant).

Donation to
Lions of Draguignan


This work was created to make the Royal House of Tanna's greeting cards for christamas and new year, so to stay in the "chrsitmas spirit" it has been donated in favour of children sick of cancer. 

November 2006

Participation in the art prize organised by the "Association des Peintres en Liberté des Arts et Lettres" Draguignan with the following works:


Since septembre 2006 a baby is passing from hands to hands in the Cimaise Art Magazine back stage... The Princess has been invited to take part in the lauching of this artistical event that begins on the magazine's website www.cimaisebaby.com and should herald a great exhibition in Paris first, and then itinerant, after a lot of artists keep on contributing.


Royal House of Tanna's International Exhibition and Prize

On the left the Princesse's exhibition wall, on the right the award evening (as a member of the organisation, the Princess was out of competition)

Bal de la Riviera, Juin 2006

S.A.R. la Princesse d'Isangel offrant à la gagnante l'édition encadrée de sa toile "l'Or Rose" dont elle a fait don aux œuvres de l'Ordre Sacré Militaire Constantinien de Saint-Georges, ordre équestre ancien qui apporte sa contribution dans les actions d'assistance sociale et hospitalière et qui a mené la présente opération au profit du service pédiatrie de l'hopital Princesse Grace à Monaco.


June 2006, Exhibition in Kobé,Japon

M.Masashi Yokoyama, International Art Council President, giving to the Princess the Fine Art Prize diploma with the silver medal, toward her winning work

Exhibition at the
University Méditerranan Center
 June, 26 to 30, 2006

Princess of Isangel received the St Jean Cap Ferrat Cup, awarded by the "'Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture de Nice et de la Riviera" (France)



Grand Hotel de Londres****, San Remo, Italy,

May 2006


April 2006

First invitation
at the Atelier Passion




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